Friday, August 12, 2011

Ways to make cash at home right now.

Here are some ways you can either make, or save some money.

First we have Bitcoin.

What are Bitcoins?
Bitcoins are one of the first attempts to create a decentralized real-world currency with no governments, no central banks, and no rules.

If you generate bitcoins you can sell them or trade them for goods and services. Bitcoin is an ingenious way to create a virtual currency that is used for sale and barter.
It is an electronic international currency that is gaining in popularity every day.

The way it works is you use your PC to generate bitcoins, it uses computer horsepower to generate a virtual coin that others will buy from you. It's ingenious in its simplicity and a unique way to make some cash on the side.

go here for more info.

If you spend over 1500 on groceries every year (who doesn't!) you can get 6% cash back at the grocery store using Blue Cash from AMERICAN EXPRESS.

There is a 75 annual fee, but its worth it if you spend 1500 a year in groceries. Most families spend thousands a year with food inflation being what it is.

The Blue Cash Preferred Credit Card - American Express, apply today.
This card can help you stay on budget with grocery shopping.

Last, here is an ingenious way to hedge inflation. Most investors know about TIP's to hedge against inflation but this doesn't include oil and food inflation. To do that you can actually invest in commodities ETF's in order to lock in your price of food and gas at a certain price point.

Take a look at UGA for gasoline, and DBA as a hedge for food inflation.
There are a few ways to play these. You can total your costs for the year and buy options or the ETF itself for a years worth of food and fuel. You could go out furhter by purchasing two or three years of costs as well.

I don't know if now is the time to put this hedge on, of course (if) when gas at the pump drops to the 2 dollar a gallon range that might be an ideal time to purchase a few years worth of fuel at the time at that price. If gasoline does go down after you do put this hedge on, it should cause too much of a concern. How long do you believe it will stay down before it rises again?
Just remember this isn't like a traditional investment, it’s a hedge tied directly to your expenses.
That means you shouldn’t worry (too much) if it goes down because you will save that same amount as you go to the pump, and if it rises you may not want to sell it for a quick gain as it may rise even more in coming years.

These aren’t get rich quick investment- they are just a few ways to save some money.

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