Sunday, February 12, 2012

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Modern Day Wealth Inequity.

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Here are some dirty stats on Wealth Inequality:

400 Americans own 3percent of all the nations wealth- they own more than 60% of all Americans combined.
top 1 percent own 43 percent of america
top 20% own 93% percent of america.

the bottom 80% own 7% of america
the bottom 50% own .02 percent of america.

in 1970 the bottom 99% owned 70% of america
in 2011 the bottom 99% own 57%

the bottom 90% account for 55% of all consumer spending. the barely middle class and the poor in the bottom 55% pay the majority of sales tax and the evil inflation tax.

As Wealth Inequity continues to grow- it accumulates at the top, the american dream goes down the tubes.
The middle class and the poor pay for 60% of all, ALL federal taxes, not just income tax. The middle class and the poor pay for 75% of the inflation tax, and 75% of all sales taxes.

Anyone outside of the 1% bracket isn’t rich, they are middle class.

The dirty trick is to try and combine the top 1% and the next 19% as the 20% that pays “all” the income taxes. But that still doesn’t count the federal taxes aside from income tax that the poor and the middle class pay.

There is a world of difference between the taxpayer that made 200 million in the top bracket and the taxpayer that made 50k in the twentieth percentile.

The reason the top 1% own 40% of the country is because they aren’t paying enough in taxes. And The reason the poor and the middle class own less of the country is because they pay too much.

The poor pay much more than there fair share in federal taxes. To state otherwise displays ignorance, stupidity, or a lack of integrity.

Federal income tax only generates less than 50 percent of federal revenue combined. Where then does the other 50 plus percent of federal revenue come from?

We all know the answers, but few are willing to expose the hidden taxes that the overwhelming majority at the bottom and the middle pay to the federal government.

What are some of the hidden taxes that the masses in middle and the poor must pay?

Sin tax
Gas tax
Federal payroll tax
Utility tax
Lotto tax
Import tariffs

There are many others, but ill save the “best” and the most pernicious tax for last. This stealth tax destroys the poor and the middle class, because they bear the brunt of it.

Lest I forget, we can’t forget about the sales tax which falls on the majority of the populace which includes both the poor and the middle class. As the poor and the middle purchase goods and services on trillions of transactions the nation’s tax coffers are filled.

Also worth remembering; while federal income taxes are avoided by the poor, State and City taxes may still be collected.

So, what is this silent deadly tax you ask?

Anyone that knows how the Federal Reserve works, knows exactly what this hidden tax is, and who it affects the most.

The inflation tax!

The poor pay an unconscionable percentage of their incomes on too many flat taxes, which include sales, gas, import and inflation. If you look at the entire picture, it’s no wonder why this forces the government to refund a small amount of that money back in the form of a refund.

To argue that the federal income tax that is paid by wealthiest Americans is worse, or less fair than the inflation tax that is paid by the poor, and the middle is a piece of dung.

Commodity inflation without wage inflation is what this country has had to endure for the past decade. Inflation has destroyed the middle class and has murdered the poor.

Examine over multiple years and you will find non existent wage growth, compare that to the CPI index, price out what gas, food and other necessary commodities have done over the same time span.
when was the last time a social security recipient received a cost of living increase?

The government has borrowed money from the FED and dumped it all over the world. A large part of our debt went to the richest bankers but all US citizens have to pay for that monetary creation in the form of a diluted anemic dollar.

Simple math.
Do 99% of the US population purchase and consume more than the top 1%? If so, who bears the brunt of the inflation and consumption taxes?

There is no contest on which class of American pays a larger percentage of their income on taxes, and which class of American has been able to enrich themselves because of minuscule tax rates.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen, we can always change things for the better. Just look at SOPA vs godaady.

Close to 40,000 customers have left godaddy in the last two days because of their support of that disgusting bill named SOPA.

Officially, close to 100,000 sites have moved, the whisper number however is over one million.

Godaddy was staunch and unapologetic in their support of SOPA, up until a few weeks ago that is, today they seem very contrite.

They are actually reaching out to customers that have moved their business elsewhere or those that might. While they have reversed their public position on SOPA- many internet users remain skeptical on their true motives.

Wikipedia is in opposition to SOPA, they threatened to move off of godaddy on this issue. Throughout it all, Godaddy remained belligerent on its support of SOPA. Almost 40,000 paying customers decided they were right and that godaddy was on the wrong side of the aisle- Godaddy has since reconsidered their position.

I'm proud to say i moved my sites off of godaddy, and i convinced many of my friends to do the same.

Do you know what makes this story just a little bit sweeter? Bob Parsons Ex CEO and founder of godaddy is a vile Grinch- he is a proud member of the extreme right wing.

Collectively, we all make a positive difference, and we do it by shouting the truth from the rooftops. Expressing our opinions on what's on the right side of morality, and what's wrong with with the other side, that's one of the best gifts we can give to humanity.

Happy Holidays!

Must watch video on SOPA.

Buy Gas just in case the Strait of Hormuz, and the Iranian Threat might be more than bluster.

If you can buy a few gallons, and store them away, that might be the ideal solution. This is certainly not the safest option or the most convenient for the vast majority.

For the rest of us, buying options is probably the way to go on Gasoline.
Take a look at (UGA) United States Gasoline Fund.

The United States Gasoline Fund, LP ("UGA") is a new way for investors and hedgers to manage their exposure to energy.

The United States Gasoline Fund LP (UGA) is an exchange traded security that is designed to track in percentage terms the movements of gasoline prices. UGA issues units that may be purchased and sold on the NYSE Arca.

I am not recommending you go out and bet it all on this. But, it might be prudent to hedge your gas costs against headline risk- just a little.

You can buy out of the money calls on UGA- take a look at the Feb 18 2012 with 51 Days to Expiration.
The 65.0 strike Call can be purchased for .10 cents.
If the Iranian scenario does go bad, gas is going to double, and those calls will be worth $2 to $3 bucks- each.

Spending $100 on these calls to protect your short term fuel costs is a modest proposal that could potentially pay off for the long haul.

That hundred you wagered could be worth a few grand if things go to hell in hand basket.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Friday, December 2, 2011

My stock pick for 2011.

I like sprint, a lot.
The reason:
Apple is gonna save their asses

For the first time in years they have added new subscribers, and they are the only player that offers unlimited data at such a cheap price.
                                  unlimited sprint

I bought the 2013 JAN 2.50 strike.
Why not just own it outright?

You can get more for your money with the 2.50 LEAPS, they go for around .80 cents, but you can put in an order limit for .60 cents and hope for a fill.

How high could this stock could go?
S&P has a 5 dollar price target for the next 12 months- I believe it could go higher. Sprint got the 4s exactly when jobs died, and if the iPhone was going to sell before his death, you know that after he passed, people have put this product on their short must have list that for xmas.

You can hear the cash registers working overtime once S got the iPhone, think of all those new contracts.

“The launch of this iconic device resulted in Sprint’s best ever day of sales in retail, web and telesales for a device family in Sprint history. The response to this device by current and new customers has surpassed initial expectations. The iPhone is expected to be accretive for Sprint, and iPhone users are expected to be among Sprint’s most profitable customers.”

The money is rolling in!

The problem with S; before the iPhone there was zero subscriber growth, and too much debt. They still have a lot of debt, but- soon, they are going to have a lot of cash to pay it down.

Another caveat, if the iPhone 5 is garbage, If no one buys the iPhone 5, sprint goes bankrupt.

I also like Sprint as a cheap and indirect way to gain some exposure to Apple stock.

Since Sprint had to commit 20billion on Apple- the two company’s fates are intertwined for the time being.
Give Apple credit, they were like- you want the iPhone- that will be 20B please. Damn!
If S sells all of those phones the incurred debt will be paid back.

Once Sprint finally got the iPhone, customers began to voluntarily switch from At&t and Verizion- the Sprint unlimited data plan is a steal.
If they can take market share from At&t and Verizon, S can become a big player and a real rival.

They bet it all on the iPhone, to put this in the proper perspective, the 20billion they committed to this deal is worth almost triple Sprint’s current market cap.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Just a little PSA, As far as Michelle Bachman goes.

Is there anyone that lies more than Michelle Bachman?
Every time Bachman opens her mouth, I am amazed at the veracity of lies that spew from the bowels of GOPSatan.

Take a look at her stats from politifact.

Egads, at least fifty percent of all of her statements are either mostly false, or entirely false.
Keep in mind; this is with a generous splattering of mostly true’s from a site with an obvious rightwing bent. Many believe politifact has to distort facts in order to grade republicans with some “mostly true” statements.

When it comes to the left however, they really go out of their way to find a minor technicality when they check a democratic quote they grade as a “mostly false” talking point.