Friday, July 29, 2011

The markets won't crash until we get a deal.

They aren't going to crash before we get the debt ceiling raised.

The debt ceiling and the cuts to spending won't induce a rally, they will do the opposite. Nothing on the table is going to help GDP or jobs, there is zero stimulus and even worse there will be job cuts to government sector jobs.

We are going to get job loss out of this and decreased benefits to disabled elderly, and poor citizens, in other words Americans that could barely get by before might be pushed over the edge in this "new deal" which is cutting the old deal which served as a safty net for those that needed it most.

There is no hope, no positive change rather all that government has done is display to the world the malaise and the untenable situation they have created and refuse to fix.

Government needs to spend money to make money, stimulus, public works to build and repair infrastructure, alternative energy projects, instead we are going to cut funds to all sectors of the economy when we need to grow instead of contract.

Unless and until we begin to fairly tax the rich we won't be able to start to rebuild this economy. I am not the only one that has figured this out, because of this despair that can be bu with a knife I've moved into cash, I've also purchased a few short-term market investments that are going to make money if the markets tank.

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