Thursday, July 28, 2011

Alright, lets make some money.

Volatility is going to peak next week.
We won't see a debt ceiling deal till Sunday or Monday. After its all said and done, i wouldn't expect a relief rally as this entire debacle has just underscored how screwed we really are. Piss poor government with no clue how to make things better, most of us are just praying they won't make it worse. If i had to bet, i would say there is a better likelihood we go lower after we get a deal, instead of higher.

In this market, i am playing a lot of straddles just hoping for volatility in either direction. I've sold most of my positions and i am just waiting on the sidelines with a bunch of options.

I'm also using leveraged ETF's but these funds get hammered in this type of up one day and down the next market routine.

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