Monday, November 21, 2011

Newt could potentially destroy Obama at the debates.

Newt is an obnoxious bully and he would dismantle Obama.

Out of all the potential matchups, I think Newt is the only one that is going to throw Obama off his game in the debates.

If you think I’m wrong, ask yourself this: Is Obama Milquetoast, or does he bring the heat?
Now image him arguing with a cantankerous, lying, bullying, blowhard.
Newt would eat Obama’s lunch, and what’s Obama gonna do about it?
No one else running for pres would present a challenge to Obama in the debates, but Newt is dangerous.

Before you dismiss this outright- consider this.

Many consider Newt to be a carbon copy of Cheney or McCain, this isn't true, they both had uncontrollable rage, but they were unable to express that rage in a cogent way.

Newt is a much bigger and polished bully than most.

McCain would just snarl, and grumble. Newt is much more lucid with his lies, he will be able bash Obama with his snake oil bottle in the fox news tradition.

Don't get me wrong, i despise Newt, but if you watch him at the debates, you will see that he will be able to go after Obama's weak points.

No one else on that stage would get the better of Obama, but Newt gives me pause.

They all lie, but they don't have the oratory skills that Newt has. Neither Cheney nor McCain posses the ability to convince millions of Americans that the BS they spew is intellectually driven- Newt has this ability .

Newt is Full of BS, but he can sell it by pretending his is an intellectual.

Newt is a lying thug and a bully with oratory skill, Obama has no defense against someone with this skill set.

Does newt bully the moderators? Do they back off when he does?
Does Obama stand up to bullies or does he capitulate?
Did Obama earn his Compromiser-in-Chief moniker?

Ask yourself this: if you had face-down a bully, would you take Newt or Obama?

Make no mistake, Newt is slime, but Obama can't debate with a snakelike bully.

Say what you will, if it makes you feel any better, shoot the messenger (me) if you will. None of this will change the facts.
Has Obama taken on the Tea Party bully on his own? Has he put the Tea Party in its place?
If it wasn’t for auxiliary support from Elizabeth Warren and the Occupy movement, Obama would be flailing even worse than he was during the debt ceiling fiasco.
This man doesn’t know how to deal with bullies. Newt, unlike Bush / Cheney / McCain / Perry can intimidate, while he gets his Fox news talking point across. Obama can’t counter a petite Fox news talking point with a 4 paragraph refutation, which cites stats, figures and facts in its defense.

One last note.
Just because Obama did well in the democratic debates, that doesn't mean he will be able to hold his own against Newt.

Just remember, Hilary Clinton and Edwards were saintly truth tellers compared to the current crop of GOP candidates.

Hilary and Edwards kept it civilized and the democratic debates were intellectual at their core.

Obama's weakness is Fox News / tea party talking points. and no one at the GOP debates is better at conveying those lies than Newt.

Mittens is a wimp, Bachman is possessed, Cain / Perry, sigh... can they even remember those three line talking points?
Newt is the only one that can effectively bash Obama with lies.

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