Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A novel idea.

Instead of raising taxes on the “job creators” lets raise the minimum wage -substantially.

Want to get people off of food stamps?
want to broaden the base of federal income tax payers?
want to get people out of poverty?
want to increase personal saving accounts?
want to decrease consumer debt?
want to resurrect housing?

Then Double the minimum wage!

I know all the arguments against raising the minimum- but they don’t apply when inflation -real inflation- has destroyed purchasing power to the degree that it has.

Almost 90 million workers, or 85% of all working Americans earn less than thirty grand a year.
Thanks to inflation, and stagnant wages, most families spend more on food, fuel and shelter than they take in. AKA The working poor.

Food for thought. How many in the tea party do you suppose make less than 30k a year?

Want to see GOP really explode- steer the argument away from taxes and onto the minimum wage.

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